Are you ready to take control of your life, start feeling good again and lose fat forever ?! Our coaching will change your life.


Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You struggle to break the chronic cycle of dieting  
  • You're feeling lost and confused on what to do for your body
  • You're feeling frustrated with the lack of results
  • You're lacking consistency in your day to day routine
  • You've developed a negative relationship with food 
  • You're feeling like overall garbage and never have energy
  • You have an all or nothing mindset when it comes to nutrition
  • You're struggling with self-confidence, self-love and/or body image
  • You're lacking support, guidance and accountability 
  • You let the scale dictate your emotions and self-worth

Getting started: how can I help you?

1/1 Coaching with Coach Christine 

  • Weekly in-depth check-ins
    • 2 via Zoom
    • 2 via in app
  • Personalized program fit for your life
  • Ongoing nutrition education and guidance
  • Unlimited macro adjustments
  • Access to customized client app/portal
  • Priority coaching support
  • Strength training can be added 
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21-Day Accelerator Challenge 

*Registration opens 7/15/22 and course starts 7/25/22. 

Tired of not following through, having no direction or waiting until Monday to start your diet??

In 3 weeks you'll start to feel more confident in your skin, have more energy, feel great in your skin and have created momentum to implement the habits you built into your everyday life to finally ditch dieting and lose fat forever.

  • A 21-day Accelerator Challenge success guide with weekly habits and tasks

  • Weekly coaching emails

  • Daily habit trackers to track habits and consistency

  • Access to a private community for support, questions, and inspiration...oh, and weekly winners will be selected

  • Weekly live sessions via Zoom with me for Q/As and to cover additional topics to complement your weekly modules

  • Weekly modules that contain recorded videos, downloadable pdfs, cheat sheets, quizzes, etc.

  • BONUS: optional dumbbell and bodyweight workouts
  • 1 person will be selected as the winner and receive 2 months of FREE 1:1 coaching ($700 value)


COMING SOON - Ignite Your Metabolism Digital Course 

  • Self paced online course consisting of videos, weekly goals/challenges, modules, worksheets, reflection, tasks to complete, ebooks and other tools
  • Dive deep into the foundations of nutrition, fitness, and learn about other areas that affect success! Topics range from diet phases,  metabolism, macros, hormones, exercise, mindset and TONS more!
  • Access to a private community!
  • A fun and exciting way to learn and feel confident in applying this info to your life


Kickstart your health journey by making each workout a success and discover how workouts contribute to a healthy lifestyle. 


I'm Christine!

To make a long story short, I'm here to change your life...and I wholeheartedly mean that. I wasted years of my life feeling sub-par due to all of the misinformation that's out there from friends, family, social media, nutrition companies, and people working in "the industry". I cut calories super low and worked out so much...tried low/no carbs...tried to cut out sugar...I thought Lean Cuisines were healthy (LIKE WHAT!). Nothing felt good, I couldn't get results and I started thinking it was my fault but I didn't know what to do or what info to believe. Despite how I portrayed myself, this led to a lot of internal self-sabotaging behaviors (negative self-talk, lack of confidence, anxiety, etc).
I finally hit a breaking point, hired a coach, and never looked back. I learned that all the crap I tried was just wreaking havoc on my metabolism, hormones, and mindset, and created a bad relationship with food. This fired me up enough to get educated, become a coach and reach as many people as I can.
Nutrition is not one size fits all so I offer a personalized approach to each of my clients because everyone's past/present situation is unique. 
There is TOO MUCH NOISE in the industry and I'm here to lower the volume for you so you don't have to waste any more time, mental energy, and $$. Life is short and you deserve to feel damn good! What are you waiting for?!


Learn more about your personalized path!

Working with Christine is by far the best decision I have made for my overall health and well-being. Her approach to my goals has been very scientific, logical, and inclusive of the foods and activities that I enjoy. I've really enjoyed working with Christine for many reasons, but the biggest ones would be the fact that she has always listened to what I want, made adjustments to the plan when I needed it, and always, ALWAYS, treated me with respect. She has always been there to help me gain control again and give me the drive to continue achieving my goals. 

- Andy

As a relatively mindful vegan, I thought I was eating way more protein than I really was. Christine helped me uncover this falsehood and provided me with simple tips to start balancing my means better without overthinking. Ultimately, Christine's passion for what she does and deep knowledge is SO encouraging and you can tell she gets a real sense of pride as her clients succeed."

- Jill

Prior to the 21 Day Challenge, I had my doubts but promised myself I would try something new this year. I feel AMAZING. My energy levels are up, I'm not avoiding food and feel like I'm finally starting to take care of my body. I'm eating at least 2x as much protein and vegetables as was a month ago. My jeans fit better already!

- Kyle


Don't miss out on actionable advice, tips, free resources, etc. on  all things fitness, nutrition and mindset! Creating a healthier lifestyle is a marathon, not a sprint! We’ll guide you to the finish line with weekly bite-sized advice. And did I mention you'll have first dibs on exclusive offers?!

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